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A Harvest of Gratitude

In our newest collection, Harvest, you will find 6 greeting cards, a scripture sticker, recipe card, farm facts cards, and a scripture engraved pen, all reflecting on gratitude and encouragement in all seasons of life. Whether having a baby, or celebrating a friendship, sending a card can uplift both writer and recipient. We believe communities can be cultivated one card at a time. 

As the summer season fades into fall, the warm Central Valley weather will be pushed out by cooler temperatures, school will resume for children, days will become shorter, and farmers will prepare for the harvest season. Farmers have worked countless hours in the summer heat managing their crops, praying for rain, and having faith that this harvest will be profitable for them and their families. In light of the upcoming fall season, we decided the theme of this seasonal collection would be, “Harvest”.

With the changing of seasons, we thought we’d change things up a bit too! If you’ve noticed, our harvest box has a lot more color on each card! We are happy to announce that we are expanding our printing techniques to digital and foil. This has always been the plan, and we are so happy with the results! Don’t worry, Willa our letterpress machine will still be our printer! But I think you all will appreciate the beauty of combining all printing techniques. 

Our theme verse is from James 5:7-8 which reads, “Be patient, therefore, brothers, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, being patient about it, until it receives the early and the late rains. You also, be patient.”

James is giving us an analogy of a farmer who plants his seed and then patiently waits for the crop. The word ‘patient’ means to endure long suffering. A farmer knows the harvest is not in their control, rather they rely solely on God’s providence. The farmer can prepare the land, plant the seed, and tend to the crop, but he must wait until the time of harvest. For in our waiting, we can turn our eyes to God and trust that His timing is perfect and we will reap the harvest. Let this be an encouragement to you as you practice patience in all circumstances. May you endure long suffering knowing that it is not in vain, rather it is for God’s glory and for our good.

We are also excited to begin working with talented artists, across the globe! Our talented friend, Ria Green, whom we met in an online private artist mastermind group (@bonniechristine), worked hard to create all the beautiful gouache painted motifs you now see on our prints. Our intern Kailee Altena, used her talents to bring to life some of the cards included as well! This is perhaps my favorite part of Paper Farm Press - cultivating community and supporting other artists! 

Behind the scenes, Jenna Dragt fulfills our orders and tackles our instagram, on the weekly! She has been a joy to work with and keeps the business alive and running consistently. 

This season's harvest information comes from Dakota Acres, located in Fresno, California. Since 2014, Dakota Acres has brought a fairytale element to Fresno as a family-owned boutique pumpkin patch, celebrating the season of the Central Valley’s harvest. Farmer’s wife, Kimberly Rocca, is a city girl turned farmer who has brought to life her love of pumpkin patches right in her own backyard. 

Here’s some fun pumpkin farm facts for you!

>The best time to plant is between Father’s Day and the 4th of July.

> Place 60” beds covered in mulch paper with subterranean drip irrigation.

>When prepping the soil, you want to use organic seaweed-based fertilizer.

>This seems backwards, but the more blemishes, the better!

> When it comes to irrigating your pumpkins, you want to water during the cool hours. 

This harvest season, we hope that you are encouraged to spread love to others and to cultivate community around you. Be sure to join our Paper Farm Club so you get your hands on this new seasonal collection!