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Grapeful, Pruning, and the True Vine

Here at Paper Farm Press we create handmade letterpress cards, stationery and art prints at a California homestead. From our farm to your home, we deliver faith-based encouraging pieces that uplift, inspire and help you give the gift of handwritten notes in a busy, modern world. We're here to help you keep scripture before your eyes, all the while getting closer to our agricultural heritage. 

Every season, we release a new collection. This season our theme was "Grapeful for You". It was a joy to consolidate everything I learned on how to farm table grapes to feed the world on an art print. Farming a vineyard requires a lot of pruning, I mean a lot! Crews of hundreds of people come in seasonally a few times just to prune. I learned a special tractor was even created to help with the pruning process. There's also robotic wheelbarrows called burros that go up and down the rows to help the harvesters. But you'll have to find out more at HMC Farms

Pruning got me thinking on everything I do not need to have in my life, and everything I do need. John 15, where most of the verses come from for the Grape Card Collection, explains how we need to be connected to the True Vine, Jesus, if we want any fruit to come out of our lives. How true this is! Whenever I cut myself off the Vine, and do things for selfish motivations or pride, it results in very bad fruit. I'm very "grapeful" to a Savior who keeps me rooted with His Word. 

I strive to cultivate community in many ways throughout the box, the most obvious being writing sweet notes to friends and family. I also included a recipe card from Nourish the Cookbook because food always brings people together! In the box, there's also have a gift card to Jack Creek Cellars and an adorable cork coaster (limited supply!). I love supporting local businesses!

For some fun extras, there's a scripture engraved pen with the words "fruitful" John 15 and a cute scripture sticker that can easily be inserted into any of the cards for some extra fun! 

All of our cards are hand-pressed on our vintage printing machines, named Willa and Heidi. See them featured on ABC30 ACTION NEWS

If you have any more questions about my process or how I choose what items go in each box, please email me at Enjoy the box!