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Just Peachy Truths on the Spirit-Filled Life

With the peaches blooming every spring here in central California, it was a pleasure to theme a Paper Farm Club box around this juicy fruit. The box is filled with letterpress cards, an original art print on "how to grow peaches to feed the world", a recipe card from Nourish The Cookbook and two new products. Add onto that a peachy snack from Sunmaid and the scent of the custom soap from Peach Blossom Candle Co.  The "Just Peachy" Stationery Bundle Boxquickly became a fan favorite. 

Walking through neighboring peach Orchards that surround our Kingsburg, CA studio, with Jillian Diepersloot - a peach farmHER, I became mesmerized at the intricate details of farming this delicious and beautiful fruit. There are more than 50 varieties grown in the Central Valley and each variety ripens at different times. At Kingsburg Orchards, where Jillian sends her fruit, they work with a fruit breeder - yes, there's such a thing! - to develop new varieties each year. And there's a cute poem that follows the growth of peach trees: "A year to root, A year to shoot, A year to fruit". Once again, the patience and trust a farmer must have...that all will go well until fruit is ready to harvest. 

The newest add-ons, the Scripture Sticker and Scripture Pen, stem from this advice that the Bible gives in Jeremiah 17:7-8 which in summary says, "Bless the one who trusts, planted and rooted, never failing to bear fruit." Like the peach tree, we may be planted for years before fruit comes into our lives. We must trust and be rooted in God's Word. And Jesus, our living hope, gives us that ability to trust. 

What kind of fruit should we see in our lives, if we are firmly planted in God's Word? The fruit of the spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness and self control. The Spirit works inside of us to produce this fruit. How overflowing with gratitude I am for this! All good things come from the Lord. 

I hope you continue to encourage others around you with your written words, and bear the fruit of the Spirit that comes from trusting and being planted in Jesus, our Living Hope. It is my prayer every Paper Farm Club box not only is fun to open, but is inspiring to you to pick up the pen. 

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