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Orange you glad Grace lasts forever?

The "Orange You Sweet" Stationery Bundle box was the first box of Paper Farm Club.  It was a risk to get my business idea out there, so I chose to not focus on myself and my reputation; my worries that I would look foolish or inadequate, but instead the needs of my people. And I realized something: no one can ever get enough encouragement. Including myself! To move forward with this dream, I had to start growing in grace, for myself and others. But how? 

I had to look to Jesus, who offered the type of grace that lasts forever. "Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:18) and "As long as the earth endures.." are two verses of steadfast grace and love that will never leave us. It's so reassuring that we are secure in our Lord, no matter what sin we commit. When we see how much we've sinned and fall short, the grace is even more than we could've ever imagined..and we can grow. This promise of grace is forever, just like yesterday and today.

It was then I knew the first collection of cards needed to be pressed (literally!) with words of grace and friendship. "My friend, may you grow in grace" (2 Peter 3:18) and "Orange You Sweet" stem off this theme as well as the other two verses. And I mean, what's sweeter than a freshly picked orange? It's the perfect symbol for joy and growth. 

Learning how to grow oranges to feed the world only expanded my appreciation and gratitude for the grace we've been given. The wonders of a seed growing to a tree and producing fruit that we eat it nothing short of miraculous, when you think about it. And in then twentieth century, farmers have used their minds to form varieties of oranges that the Bible characters would faint at the taste of them. I received wonderful information about the farming process from Farmer Bob at Mc Kellar Farms. I compiled the information onto an art print and hope it inspires and reminds you to learn more about farming! 

Orange Farm

The recipe "Blood Orange Simple Syrup" was provided by Chef Jacque Baxley, the author of Nourish the Cookbook. I letterpress printed the recipe onto cotton paper and added it to the box! Enjoy! 

A limited edition leather bookmarked engraved with the words "grow in grace" joined the box during the Paper Farm Club season from Buttons and Birds. Janelle makes beautiful things, and I love supporting other handmade businesses. The updated surprise gift is a tea bag from Tea Drops - a favorite store of The Sister's Market, another local company.   

Our letterpress print studio is across the street from our home, nestled in the middle of our farm, which I’m inspired by every day. Both my husband and I are third generation farmers, with both sets of our grandparents immigrating from The Netherlands / Holland. Each product we create expresses our love for farming and our deep roots in faith. We are passionate about cultivating our community through written cards. 

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