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Reaping a Harvest in a Berry Blue Time

The "Berry Blue Missing You" Stationery bundle box gives hope and encouragement to those going through a difficult time. Curated during a time of social distancing, the theme of the box was all too familiar. 

Blueberry plants were beginning to ripen as I once again, began to prep the letterpress machine to print the blueberry collection cards for this season's box. My heart was aching, as more hardship and bad news entered our lives. But, low and behold, what card was I printing today? "For at the proper time, we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." (Galatians 6:9). I wanted to give up, this life is hard, frustrating. But I kept working, mixing the blue ink, warming up the press and began printing. The words engrained into my brain and I had to look at them again and again. Timing, I realized. It's all about timing. 

Backtracking to blueberries, the fruit theme of the box. I was lucky to meet with both Triple Delight Berries and Family Tree Farms to learn how blueberries are grown to feed the world. And what did I learn was the most important part on growing blueberries. Timing. It's all about waiting for the perfect levels of sugar and color. Tempted to pick sooner, and the harvest will fail to meet budget. Pick too late, blueberries will begin to mold. Coupled with it takes 2-3 YEARS for blueberry plants to be in full production. Farmers need some major patience. The art print is just a glimpse of what it takes to grow blueberries; I am hoping to inspire you to learn more on the lifecycle of blueberries with the infographic art print!

Blueberry Farm Art

So where do we get this patience? How do we keep going - keep growing - through the tough times, when it seems no good will ever come out of it? With the power of love Ephesians 3:17 talks about: "I pray you may be rooted in love, may have power together with the Lord's people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ". We get through the times with the power of the Word which shares the love of Christ, and the working of the Holy Spirit through the Lord's people. I'm not denying there's tough (tough!!) times. But I do know we do not have to go through it alone. And if we stick to that hope and do not give up, we will reap a wonderful harvest. 

I love encouraging encouragers (you!) so included a fun surprise gift from Emily Barton, who is a consultant for Beauty Counter. Enjoy some beauty counter samples along with a discount at for any skincare products! 

Everyone always can be uplifted by a new recipe by Chef Jacque Baxley who is the author of Nourish the Cook Book. The recipe has blueberries in it, and the recipe card is letterpresses printed of course! 

Grab a pen, and be part of the Lord's people that encourages and reminds those who are hurting of the power of Christ's love. Show someone you haven't seen in a while you cherish them by sending them the "Berry Blue Missing You Card." And do not give up hope. A harvest is coming. 

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PS: The "reap a harvest.." Bible verse is now available on a Blueberry Scripture Sticker! I needed to see it in more places. :)