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The Fruit of the Spirit, a Paper Farm Press Collection

This seasonal collection is what I like to call, ‘the foundation’ of Paper Farm Press. It is something that has always been our vision giving us direction and guidance in this journey of starting a new business. We are now two and a half years old with six seasonal collections and we are beyond amazed of how good the Lord has been to us. Our Paper Farm is flourishing and growing. 

It only felt right to make this new collection ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ as it just seems to be the pretty bow that wraps all the previous seasonal collections together. In this collection you will find 7 greeting cards (one from each season), a scripture pen, chapstick, tea drop, a scripture sticker, a recipe card, and our Fruit of the Spirit card. Our Fruit of the Spirit collection is like a little fruit basket containing all the beautiful stationery from seasons past. 

Galatians 5:22-23 reads, “But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control…”. These are attributes that characterize those who belong to God and have the Spirit dwelling within them. The Spirit produces fruit in the believer, without the Spirit we cannot and do not bear any fruit.. 

This got me thinking about farming and how there are good and bad marks of a farmer. 

A good farmer is marked by their willingness to work and they work for a purpose. They are not one who is slothful, neglectful, or selfish. Farmers are men and women who get up before the sun every morning and steward their land well so that they can feed the world. They prepare their land and trees in the off season, work patiently in the growing season, and work diligently in the harvest. 

You have to have faith to be a farmer. Without faith, you would not be able to plant a single seed without becoming filled with stress and anxiety. When a farmer plants a seed they are trusting that the seed will flourish and grow to yield a harvest. However, faith is not going to cause the seed to grow. The farmer needs to have prepared the soil suitable for it, provide the seed with adequate amounts of water, and they have to work to keep away pests and weeds that could kill the seed. You see it is not only faith that allows a seed to grow and it is not only works that allows a seed to grow rather, it is faith and works that allows the seed to flourish into what it was designed to be. 

Let this be an encouragement to you friends! But on the fruit of the spirit and let your life be a reflection of the goodness of God! Let your faith in God propel you to encourage those around you, spread kindness to those who need to be encouraged and to worship Him in all that you do!

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